About Us.

This page is for anyone who likes to get a picture of who they are dealing with just so you know who we are, obviously if you aren't interested please feel free to skip this page.

Based in Hereford we are a family who have all worked in property clearance for over twenty years and on this page I will introduce us to those of you who have never met us during our time in the trade.

As for myself, my name is Phil Andrews.
I was raised with my three brothers and one sister and a very large extended family. Our father was a general farm worker all his life and mum was a house maid in a large country house before they got married and had us. As children in a low income household we were taught all of the traditional values of honesty, decency and respect for others which has kept us all in good stead throughout our lives. After receiving a good education in a what was then called a secondary modern school I had many jobs ranging from a part time labourer  to a fifteen year career in the Royal Mail.
About twenty years ago I decided with my then wife to go into business in the property clearance sector, we found that most of the people in the trade were part time and many weren't very professional  and some downright criminal in the way they treated often vulnerable customers.
We decided to rise above the rest and set a standard for the trade which I believe we did when with our two sons we opened our shop.
We all worked hard and advertised in the local papers building up a reputation for fair pricing of our services and prices we paid for the goods we bought,  we were in time the biggest traders in the area. Eventually  the high cost of rent and rates and overheads forced us to give up the shop. After we gave up the shop we sold to trade and at auction and stopped advertising and just worked by word of mouth, My wife and I divorced but stayed friends, she remarried and our sons both went into the construction industry. My eldest is still a site manager for a well known local steel firm and my youngest is now in the clearance trade in his own right. As for Callow Clearances we have a wide range of family members  to call on who have all worked with us over the years, depending what the job entails.
So in conclusion when you call us you can be assured that we will be professional, honest, respectful, discreet and will treat you as we would expect to be treated