What to expect when you call us.

Free no obligation advice on your property clearance.

When you ring us you will be able to speak to us discreetly about your needs without any obligation and we can arrange to meet you or your representative at the property to discuss what you would like.
You are in control and we only do what you ask of us, we understand  you may still grieving so if when you ring and it is too much for you just ring back later.
Whether the property is a late relative's or it is just being sold we need to see the contents to give you advice and a quote so we will arrange to meet there and go through it with you to assess what is required.
We will walk through the property with you and discuss what you would like to keep, send to auction, us to buy and what non saleable items will cost to be disposed of. We always recommend you get at least two quotes for your own peace of mind, but many of our customers don't when we have been recommended by word of mouth.
There is a general rule of how we quote for clearances, we will estimate what is saleable and what the cost of disposal will be, ( i.e. tipping fees and labour ) which are offset against each other, we will explain to each individual client.
Many people don't realize  that as traders we have to pay to tip waste such as unsalable furniture and old televisions etc, but we will explain each  quote to you.
When you have been given your quote it is up to you whether you accept it, you can obtain other quotes or discuss it with relatives  and get back to us if you decide to use us and then we would then arrange a date to do the clearance.

Always remember you are under no obligation when you ring and you are in charge.