Price Increase as of 13/09/18.
                                                       Due to the continuing rise of cost of disposal, running costs and wages we are reluctantly having to raise the minimum charge for waste clearance. As from today the minimum will be £100 pounds for jobs requiring one person and £125 if a second person is needed.
      Also now we must make an additional charges for certain items which the enviroment agency have put onto the tip companies which are now passed onto us and in turn to our customers.
1.  Mattresses £10 each.
2. Televisions / monitors £10 each.
3.  Fridges  £25 each.
4.  Fridge freezers  £82 + vat.

Guide Prices for Clearance.

This page is to openly explain why waste clearance is so expensive as this is the only complaint we ever get when we quote for jobs.

Prices may increase as disposal charges are increased at the tip / waste disposal site.
Prices based on a half tonne load.

What We Have To Pay.

We have to pay £75.00 minimum charge when we go to the commercial tip.

We can't take televisions, monitors, fridges / freezers within normal household waste and are charged individually for theses items.

Most jobs require two of our staff

And of course we have to maintain vehicles.

A waste carriers license, Public liability insurance also have to be paid for.

We are not A charity so obviously we are in the business to make a living, so the challenge for us is to do that while trying to keep pricing as low as we can to insure we can get the work. You will get people to do it on the cheap who are not licensed, insured and may just fly tip, (You are also liable and can be fined if they do so).

A minimum fine of £1000 each can be given by the Environment Agency to both parties ,

In conclusion we don't overcharge for a service which is both professional and legal.